Volunteer Opportunities

Chaperone for away games (4 hours credit)

This position will arrive at the school when the students are getting ready to board the bus from the school.  They will be sure to gather all necessary materials including the notebook that have the roster list for the bus, any necessary medications, radios, etc., and any drinks or food (snacks/bandwiches) that are going along with the band.  Chaperones will conduct a roll call before leaving DHS.  Once at the designation, chaperones will serve as the communicators to the students as to where they need to report to and when.  After the game, chaperones will again conduct a roll call to ensure all kids are on the bus before leaving to return to DHS.  After returning to DHS, chaperones will make sure that the bus is emptied out, gather any items left behind, and clean up any messes that were missed by the students.  Chaperones will need to return the materials back to the Booster storage area and make sure all food, drink, snacks, are put away and ready for the next event.


GTC Volunteers (4 hours credit per 4 hour shift)

DHS is hosting the Golden Triangle Contest (GTC) at C.H. Collins.  This contest is our largest fundraising event and takes as many parents, students, and volunteers as possible for it to be successful.  There will be a specific list of volunteers for GTC and the volunteer list will have the credit hours for each position within that list.  The list is still being worked on, but the volunteer sign up will be in no less than 4 hour shifts.  This is an all-day event with volunteers needed early in the morning to stock and prep the concessions stands, mark off parking and warm up areas, place signs out, set food up for hospitality, etc.  The volunteer hours will also be needed for clean up after the event is over, so the hours of start and finish will vary greatly and needs for all hours and positions will also be needed.  More information will be posted and communicated as we get closer to the event.


Bandwiches (1 hour credit)

The Booster Club feeds the band student Bandwiches at all away games.  These are a variety of sandwiches that are premade and labeled and given to the kids after the game before they head home.  The number of bandwiches and type will be sent out in a Sign-Up Genius invitation email and/or Facebook post. 


Props (1 credit hour per show)

Prop Movers: During game and contest performances, Prop Movers will be needed.  These volunteers will receive their entry into the game/contest paid for in addition to the credit volunteer hours.  The position includes removing the props from the warm up area to the field for the performance and then back to the truck after the performance.  This is per show, so if the POBC makes it to finals and performs a second show later in the day, then an additional hour will be credited for the additional show. 


Pit Movers

There will be a dedicated pool of volunteers that are moving the pit equipment.  This includes the percussion equipment and the group will be trained on where to place the equipment and briefed on any specifics necessary for this role. 


Contest Chaperones (4 hours – 8 hours credit)

These volunteers are like the chaperones for the away games and have the same roles.  Contests are typically longer days since all bands perform and then the finalists are determined and announced.  If DHS is a finalist, then the band is staying for longer to perform again. 


Meal Service (2 hours credit)

Mr. Elder is organizing group meal orders for home games.  This will be where a specific meal is ordered in advanced and paid for by the student.  Once it is delivered to DHS, these volunteers will need to help with getting the order from the delivery driver and making sure the correct student is receiving the correct order.  Once the students are done eating, these volunteers need to make sure everything is cleaned up and all food is put away.  This position might also include any other meals that are prepared or served to the students including helping the Gridiron Club with tailgating.


Uniform Check-in and Check-out (1 credit hour per Check-in OR Check-out)

These volunteers will need to help for home and away games with getting the students their correct uniform, making sure they are wearing it correctly and ready for their inspection block.  Additionally, the reverse will need volunteers to collect the uniforms from the students after the games ensuring that all pieces are accounted for and are stored in the correct place after the games or after they arrive back at DHS from an away game. 


Band Banquet Set-up and Clean-up (2 hours credit each)

Volunteers are needed to set up for the band banquet as well as clean up afterwards.  Each volunteer will receive 2 hours credit for setting up as well as another 2 hours credit for clean up.  


Concert Reception (1 hour credit per concert)

Volunteers will need to coordinate snack food (dessert/drinks/etc.) for a reception after each concert.  This is a great time for parents and students to mingle and enjoy each time celebrating the success of the concert.  This 1 hour credit will include set up and clean up afterwards. 


Solo/Ensemble (4 hours credit)

Denton High School will sponsor the solo and ensemble auditions and concerts.  Each of these will require many different volunteer positions and for longer shifts.  The volunteer positions and needed shifts will be posted closer to the dates needed. 


Spring Trip Chaperones (15 hours credit for the entire trip)

Chaperones will be responsible for a select group of students throughout the trip.  This will include transportation times, meal times, and free times that occur during the trip.  This is where the adults are simply keeping an eye on the student since they are in an unfamiliar area and being a point of contact for the students during the trip. 


Winter Guard Chaperone (2 hours credit)

Volunteers are needed for the Winter Guard contest.  Chaperones will be needed for the bus ride (to and from) as well as during the contest. 


Photographer/Videographer (1 hour credit per event)

The band enjoys having photos of the band during performances as well as candid moments when they are not performing.  Photos will be posted in the Cluster app and then select photos can be used in other areas where necessary. Cluster is a general place to have all pictures stored in one place.   A video of each performance is needed so that the band can review the performance and see where improvements can be made at.  The videographer will be given access to the press box during events located at the football fields. 


Chet Baker Festival (4 hours credit)

Volunteers are needed for providing meals during the event as well as for working the door taking tickets/admissions for the evening concert.


Uniform Fitting (4 hours credit)

Volunteers are needed during the initial uniform fitting to ensure that the process goes smooth and to support the band directors. 


Drivers (TBD/Event)

There are times throughout the school year when we will need drivers to transport smaller groups of students to events.  These events might be anywhere local throughout the DFW Metroplex.  The details will be posted as they arise.