"CHARMS" is an online program that will give you access to your student's account with the Denton High School Band. This website is used by the directors to catalog everything from inventory, uniforms and finances for each student. If you'd like to find out anything about what you owe to the band, check out this website!

To access to your account, please follow these simple instructions:

1. Click the link here for CHARMS

2. Go to the drop down menu under "Enter/Login" then click on the "Parent/Student Login" button

3. Enter "DentonHSBand" for the  school code.

4. Enter your Student ID for Denton High School as your password and you will be in the main menu for your account.


Please note, if you are electing to use PayPal as an option for making credit card purchases/payments, a transaction fee of 2.9% + $.30 will be deducted by PayPal from your total amount and added in the Misc. Ledger of your Charms account.  If you would like to not have the transaction fee added in the Misc. Ledger of your Charms account, you can instead add it to the dollar amount at your time of purchase/payment.  If you click the link below, there is an online fee calculator that will tell you the amount to add to your purchase/payment.  Should you have any questions concerning information on Charms or PayPal, please email Mr. Wilson at bwilson@dentonisd.org.

PayPal Online Fee Calculator